March 16, 2022

| Mar 13, 2022

March 16, 2022

Encounter: The Paralyzed Man

Scripture: Luke 5:18-26 MSG

Some men arrived carrying a paraplegic on a stretcher. They were looking for a way to get into the house and set him before Jesus. When they couldn’t find a way in because of the crowd, they went up on the roof, removed some tiles, and let him down in the middle of everyone, right in front of Jesus. Impressed by their bold belief, he said, “Friend, I forgive your sins.” That set the religion scholars and Pharisees buzzing. “Who does he think he is? That’s blasphemous talk! God and only God can forgive sins.”Jesus knew exactly what they were thinking and said, “Why all this gossipy whispering? Which is simpler: to say ‘I forgive your sins,’ or to say ‘Get up and start walking’? Well, just so it’s clear that I’m the Son of Man and authorized to do either, or both…” He now spoke directly to the paraplegic: “Get up. Take your bedroll and go home.” Without a moment’s hesitation, he did it—got up, took his blanket, and left for home, giving glory to God all the way. The people rubbed their eyes, stunned—and then also gave glory to God. Awestruck, they said, “We’ve never seen anything like that!”


Dear God, when you look at me do you see bold belief? I wonder if my faith is strong enough to burrow down through a roof so my brokenness—or that of a loved one—might be healed. Lord, I pray for faith as audacious as those in the story of the men with the paraplegic friend. I pray now, God, for spiritual wholeness. Forgive my sin. Heal my soul. Render me awestruck and bring glory to your name.

In Jesus’ name,


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